The Cathedral School Campaign







An oasis of collaboration and innovation.

At Cathedral, we are a community where curious children are challenged, nurtured, and valued. Where thoughtful scholars learn to change the world. Our vision for Cathedral students and teachers is limitless.

That’s where you come in. 

At every level, your contribution will further inspire Cathedral students of today and tomorrow to


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Square feet added or renovated in the expansion

Square feet added or renovated in the expansion

Square feet added

Square feet added

Square feet renovated

Square feet renovated

Total campaign goal

Total campaign goal






  • A new Library, Media, and Innovation Center that combines books, technology, and teaching to become a dynamic center for academic research, collaboration, and creativity.

  • An Innovation Lab within that center where STEAM projects, design, and experimentation will flourish.

  • Greater space for Friday morning Assembly that invites participation from everyone, including parents and visiting guests.

  • Expanded dining space where the community ritual of lunchtime is both comfortable and efficient for students and faculty alike.

  • New seminar/conference rooms, classrooms, and learning centers throughout the school to strengthen academic programs and enhance the learning experience for every student.




Oh, what a day!




Now is the time to inspire our students with spectacular new spaces where they will collaborate, create, and dream.

Our vision for academic excellence, creativity, and innovation will flow from these new spaces.
— Head of School Marsha Nelson