The Cathedral School Campaign

Campaign Leadership



The architectural consistency of the expansion will enhance the campus and make it an even more wonderful place for kids to go to school, faculty to work, and people to visit.
— Bill Bermont, Parent, Trustee, and Chair of the Capital Committee

Campaign Committee


George Filopolous, Chair
Katie Conway
Martha Escobar

 Marsha Nelson
Jefrey Pollock


2018–2019 Board of Trustees

The Right Reverend Clifton Daniel III, Chair and Dean of the Cathedral

Bill Bermont, P ’21, ’24, President

Katie Conway, P ’24, P ’27, Vice President

Robin Alston, P ’19, ’23, Secretary

Troy Wagner, P ’22, ’24, Treasurer

Marsha K. Nelson, P ’16, ’21, Head of School

Everett Alexander P ’22, ’24

S. Courtney Booker, P ’19, ’23

Satrina Boyce, P ’19, ’21

Jaye Chen, P ’17, ’20

Roberta Connolly P ’10, ’10

Lucy Culver, P ’17, ’21

Martha Escobar P ’15, ’17, ’20, ’24

Danielle Felczak P ’23, ’24, PA Rep

George Filopoulos P ’25, ’27


Carey Flaherty, P ’24, ’27

John Gallo, P ’20, ’23, ’25

Kaliope Kostas P ’19, ’23, PA Rep

Lee Morakis P ’24, ’27

Bruce Paulsen, P ’16

Jefrey Pollock, P ’21

Daphne Rubin-Vega ’99

Ellen Stein

Martha Consor Tedesco ’96

These thoughtful and forward-thinking plans for expansion and renovation would not be possible without the dedication, advice, and hard work of The Cathedral School’s Board of Trustees and the Capital Campaign Committee.

Our identity is woven into this building, this fairytale castle on the Close. When I look out of my classroom window, I can see the biggest Gothic cathedral in the world. It’s just astounding. Keeping that feel is important.
— Ann Bryant, Former Parent and 1st grade Teacher

Our Architects

Our expansion is designed by Ennead Architects, based in New York City, whose projects also include laboratory, research and teaching facilities for higher education as well as museums and performing arts centers.