Raising a Glass to The Cathedral School’s Future

At the conclusion of this year’s Absalom Jones Benefit, Head of School Marsha Nelson, Board of Trustees President Angie Karna, and Capital Campaign Chair Bill Bermont mounted the stage for a thrilling announcement: the construction of the school's Expansion Project and launch of The Cathedral School Campaign. A glass of champagne in hand, Marsha Nelson told the attendees that “The Cathedral School has always been a school on a mission. Throughout our long history we have dedicated ourselves over and over again to that mission in word, thought and deed. Now, we plan on making a promise to that mission in stone, glass and steel. I am proud to announce the construction of the Cathedral School Expansion. The expansion creates spaces for academics, community, and innovation, spread over three floors. The expansion not only gives us a bigger footprint, but it allows us to reimagine the existing school building as well.” 

As the plans for the expansion were displayed on screen to loud applause, Marsha Nelson asked members of the Cathedral Community to raise their glasses in a toast. She said, “A toast to all of us: each and every member of our remarkable community that inspires incredible generosity, whether it is your extraordinary work on PA events, our students shooting Hoops for the Heart, this enthusiastic team of Absalom Jones volunteers and our inspiring capital campaign for new expanded facilities. We are truly grateful for your commitment that is rooted in our extraordinary mission.”

Andrea Hopkins